Casper Braat
PietHeinkade 233
1019HM Amsterdam


phone / +31 6 19 662 115
email / casper@casperbraat.com
website / www.casperbraat.com

The work of Casper Braat is eerily similar to the propaganda of corporate entities. This recognition seeks to evoke the feelings of nostalgia for a comfortable past, but underneath the surface, there is a perverted reality. 

Casper explores the tension between the dichotomy of acceptable and unacceptable in our culture. In his project, Justin Bieber, the New Devotion (2016) the intriguing world of the hottest celebrity in the world is exposed; Casper shows an enlightened version of the superstar through an exploration of the machinery that created an icon. His approach to Justin is not as a mere mortal, but as a corporation. 

Icons are a reflection of what we value as a society; in our modern culture we appreciate the ostentatious lifestyles of brands and celebrities more so than traditional social values and morality. The Reflection of Superman (2018) gives a modern depiction of the once civic-minded superhero; Superman is caught in a kiss with himself. We are shown that role models are no longer those who are altruistic, but rather are self-gratifying narcissists. This new hero is selfish, which we should embrace with delight.


As much as the work may be critical of our current world, it is also a celebration. By elevating mass culture and mass production to divine proportions, we can begin to see the beauty that is driven by our primitive desires. 

Into The Wild Blue Yonder, Torch Gallery, Amsterdam
1000 Coffee mugs, Art and Poetry Festival Watou, Belgium
Reflection of Superman, Art Rotterdam 2018, represented by Torch Gallery
Salon d’Artistes, Popin Art, Amsterdam

Fresco et Fruttato, Gallery Worm Rotterdam
1000 Hamburgers, Dysfunctional Matters, Corrosia Stad, Almere
You mean so much to me, Melkweg Gallery Amsterdam
1000 Golden Cats, Design is my religion is my Design, Roermond

Marble Justin Bieber, This Art Fair, Beurs van Berlage Amsterdam
Bonaparte, Gallery Worm, Rotterdam Justin Bieber:
The new devotion, Allard Wildenberg art projects Naarden (Solo)
Kim Kardashian photo booth, Art Athina, Athens
Nature Nurture, Gallery Kers, Amsterdam
The modern devotion, Het Langhuis, Zwolle

Nude Justin Bieber, Platform Platvorm, Melkweg Gallery, Amsterdam
Mc Jezus’, Amsterdam Light Festival, Inkijk Gallery Weesperstraat
Amsterdam Mc Jezus’, Graduation show Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam Mass 3D printing, Plastic Promises, Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam