Toasters are compact machines that sit on kitchen counters, most of their existence unused. Toaster re-imagines the appliance as a beautiful marble object, a luxurious version that turns toast into gold and makes the rich even richer.

White Goods (series, 2019, ongoing)
Every home has them – bulky, large, usually rectilinear machines that are hidden in closets. They exist for their use alone. White goods are the name given to these home appliances that all look the same. As practical machines of daily life they do not ask for much attention.

The White Goods series elevates these machines from their everyday aesthetics. Reproduced in white Carrara marble, this sculpture series fits into every space, but asks to be seen.

Toaster (2019)
In the White Good series
Carrara Marble White
Size: 15 x 20 x 20cm
Including two slices of Toasts (nr. A + nr. B)
Stainless steel Titanium plated
Unique artwork