1000 Champagne Coupes

1000 Champagne Coupes (2021)
Printed and Signed Champage Coupes
140 x 140 x 220 cm

This installation consists of 1000 numbered and signed champagne coupes with a screen-printed Casper Braat logo. The act of branding plays with the concept of “maker” and what that means in relation to a work of art that was not produced by the artist’s own hands. Casper questions this role in relation to the installation. Is printing “Casper Braat” on a massed produced product enough to grant ownership over the object? Artist and artwork are not mutually exclusive. 

This installation showcases the beauty of mass culture, but also, the viewer is asked to exchange a coupe with a glass of their own, thus changing the aesthetics of the installation from homogeneous machine made to personal and varied. In the end, the installation continues to exists, but once complete is freed of the maker’s name.

Special Thanks to FactorIJ making this work possible. 

Concept & Photography: Casper Braat
First Assistant Photography: Robben Fuhler
Light & Technique: Ram van Meel, Umsjatka Photostudio
Installation & Set Dressing: Nathaniel Feldmann and Jolijn Sterk
Post-Production Photography: Talitha Hoos