Artist Statement

Artist Statement

Casper Braat (1991) is a visual artist and Art Director based in Amsterdam. 

The work of Casper Braat presents the common from a perspective of extravagance and is driven by a profound fascination with the contemporary world. No matter where one is (in the developed world and elsewhere), consumption is deeply entrenched into daily life. Consumer society values convenience, underlined by a desire for luxury, with a fetish for the new. In this world, brands reign supreme and have a powerful influence over the shape of culture. 

Casper’s sculptures and installations are driven by a fascination for this reality. He glorifies the everyday by lifting the ordinary onto a pedestal. His work is made to last forever, memorializing the excess of the present for the future. 

His conceptual research manifests in simplistically sleek sculptures, installations, and films. The work appears perfectly polished from the surface, but this sublime representation of reality is just a reflection of the everyday. Below this surface, the problematic aspects of this indulgent culture are plain to see, and ask for the viewer to wait for the mirror to crack. 

With the use of classical production methods, and materials such as marble and gold, he elevates the common to the iconic. As an Art Director, Casper brings craft to the set, resulting in highly technical films that rely upon handmade elements, presenting the analogue in a digital environment. 

Casper’s work exists and is presented within the commercial world, but also autonomously. In this way he functions in either environment and believes that he brings a critical eye into the commercial world, and vice versa. 

Through the commercial, we are shown what is essential in our society. Casper feels we should celebrate our commercialized world, at least while we still can.