Art Shit

Art Fairs are all about selling and in this environment the works on display are hyper-visual and trendy. What’s hot right now are handmade ceramics that have a glossy glaze. Combining a polished modern look with natural materials give gallerists a way to sell imperfections as an artist’s individual style. As a direct comment on this trend, Casper Braat constructed a WC installation, 50-cent entry and all, which sold handmade glazed ceramic-coiled poops known as ‘Art Shits’. Art Shit places a poop in a white cube on top of a pristine pedestal. The poop is shiny and polished and is a work of art, transformed from its everyday appearance, made into an aesthetic reproduction. 

All 100 unique pieces were sold during This Art Fair 2019 at Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam. 

Art Shit (2018)
Glazed stoneware on unique glazed tiles
Size: 15x15x10cm 
Series of 100 unique poops with 100 unique colored tiles. Signed and numbered